Waterproof MultiTouch Overlays

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Touch Functionality with up to 32 touch points - MultiTouch Interaction

Interactive installations in bars, restaurants, clubs and outdoor areas are more dangerous for touch screens than in “normal” environments. Particularly in case of dumped beverages and similar gaffe, the touch devices need a powerful protection! For this reason, our multi-touch frames are water spill proof and can withstand the daily activities in these environments.

However, it’s more risky when larger amounts of water are affecting multitouch screens. For these cases we offer a waterproof coating that seals the multitouch frame and makes it fully waterproof IP65 rated!

IP65 standard: Protected against low pressure water jets from any direction
IP65 Test duration: at least 3 minutes
IP65 Water volume: 12.5 litres per minute
IP65 Pressure: 30 kN/m² at distance of 3m

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