The office of the future Didn’t you always want a workplace beyond the ordinary? Having presentations on a large MultiTouch monitor or showing customers ideas on a MultiTouch table? Working with your teammates simultaneously on a giant video wall? Or using a digital work surface instead of having too many documents flying around? Well goods
A new era for computer cases begins. The US companies iBuypower and Intel recently came up with an extraordinary way of designing computer casings. By using transparent LCD side glass panels on either one or two sides of the tower, the appearance of the PC case has been raised to a whole new level. This
Eatsa, a new San Francisco based self-service restaurants, is using transparent LCD screens to indicate the position of the user’s meal. Why should a display show which meal is your’s ? Because Eatsa is based completely on technology.
Transparent LCDs, are all Panels the same? Transparent Displays are becoming more and more popular thanks to the amazing WOW factor, especially when integrated in a showcase, refrigerator, custom solution and piece of furniture. But not all TLCD are equal and can offer the same transparency, definition, images colour depth and colour temperature alteration of

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