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Perhaps the most novel way to showcase a multi touch display in a retail setting to-date was realized by LG Display at CES 2014. The 32-inch mirrored display at the LG booth looked like a mirror that is until someone got close enough to it. With a person directly in front of the mirror display, it transforms into a touch screen running all the apps and even HTML 5 webpages on an Android operating system. It’s the perfect solution for catching the attention of your customers and then having a low-cost content player all in one. 

But believe it or not, this solution is even more pragmatic. Any of our MultiTouch displays can be converted into a Mirror Display. All that’s missing is mirror glass.

A motion sensor is how it works with the LG Mirror Display, switching the TV on from standby mode when you walk directly in front of it. Mirror glass looks like industry tempered glass if the TV is turned on. When the TV is off, it appears as a mirror again like you see in this video.

In the video above you can watch LG Display turn the mirror to a smartphone enabled with multi touch and 400,000 apps from the Android market. You can achieve similar results within 10-20 minutes by mounting a Multi Touch Overlay to mirror glass using some double-sided tape. After connecting a low-cost Android Media Player that costs $50-$119 you can download any apps, like you would on a smartphone. The <a title="PQ-Labs iStick A200 A300" href="http://www.fingersgadget task management tool you can find out more.com/collections/computing/products/pq-labs-istick-a200-android-computer-stick” target=”_blank”>A200/A300 series iStick by PQ Labs is the size of USB stick with a powerful 1.6GHz Dual-Core / 1.6GHz Quad-Core processor; at $119 this is the best media player for your dollar.

It was impressive how many businessmen, reporters, and hobbyist at CES wanted to take a second and third look at the mirror display panel technology. This was the first year that a mirror display was shown in the halls of CES. It’s exciting to think how mirror display panels will be used in shopping mall, airport, restaurant or even a smart home.

The future is here!


Photo credit: TechnoBuffalo

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