Considering that the 84″ UHD Transparent LCD showcase is 230 cm (7 pop over to this site.5 feet) high and weighs about 210 Kg (460 lbs), it’s easy to understand that handling and building this product is not a simple task. The HYPEBOX Touch 84″ is currently our biggest size in see-through touch showcases. MMT’s
Sometimes customers are reporting that the MultiTouch Display is shutting down after 15-20 minutes. In this article, we want to describe how this can be solved. It all starts with finding out what’s the source of this issue. So if the monitor is working in general, it’s displaying content etc. and just shuts down after

The Touch Wall On-The-Go

Touch walls are futuristic – when you see wall of HD images standing six feet high, it tends to capture your attention. More than that, touch walls are becoming more common as signage alternatives in Airports, corporate lobbies, and even global restaurant chains like Hard Rock Café. Not only is a Touch Wall an eye-catcher,
Multi Touch Screens helpful for Autism Research
Lenovo recently published an infographic on its company blog that reviews the important role of touch screens for treating autism. Autism is a neurodevelopmental disorder that impairs interaction, both verbal and non-verbal. What many could never have expected is that touch screens are helping autistic people make breakthroughs in communicating with tablet computers and special
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