Transparent OLED VideoWalls

coming with Touch Interactivity

High Resolution

The Full-HD resolution at 1920x1080 px let's your content looks crisp.

Low Power Consumption

The OLED display works without backlight, there's just a minimum of power needed.

Transparent Display

38% Transmittance through the screen - you see what's behind.

Touch Option

Make use of 10 Touch Points at a time! That's real MultiTouch.

High Visibility At Every Angle

Extremely high viewing angle due to the OLED display technology.

Safety Glass

The OLED screen is protected from both sides - front and back.

What It Is & How It Works


The MIRAGE Series is a brand-new type of transparent Screen, which makes it possible to achieve transparency even without a backlight. The Transparent OLED consists of self-emitting diodes which can operate in any environment. Without the need of a backlight or showcase, the MIRAGE see-through OLED screen can be placed in the middle of a room or integrated into a wall - the functionality is still given!

MIR55IRLMIRAGE Transparent OLED 55" MultiTouch Display
MIRS55IRLMIRAGE Transparent OLED 55" MultiTouch Display Stele

MIR55L - Transparent OLED 55" Display

Slim, elegant and multiple options how to use it.

The single OLED Display can be used in various applications by tilting the base construction up to 90°. Integrate it into an existing environment or use it standalone on a table or countertop. Made from steel, the housing is pretty sturdy and robust. Especially for the use in public spaces, the transparent OLED display comes pre-equipped with safety glass from both sides.

MIR55FFL - Transparent OLED 55" Touch Display

Truly interactive and see-through!

Made for the use in interactive applications, the MIRAGE Transparent OLED Touch Display offers 10 touch points at a time while the screen surface is flush and elegant. Still, the front and the back side got strengthened safety glass, therefore the monitor is suitable for public spaces. The whole construction is designed to persist in demanding environments, it's stable and robust.

E X P L O D E D    V I E W



You`re interested in the transparent OLED Displays or Stele?
Do not hesitate to contact us! In a telephone call, we answer your questions or arrange an appointment.


Display diagonal1388 mm (55")
Resolution1920 x 1080 px @ 120 Hz
Transparency45% Transmittance
Panel TypeAMOLED (Active Matrix Organic Light-Emitting Diode)
Active Display Area1209.6 x 680.4 mm
Brightness Fullscreen150 cd/m2 (typical), 165 cd/m2 (maximum, center of the screen)
Brightness Peak 1%500 cd/m2 (typical), 550 cd/m2 (maximum, center of the screen)
Aspect Ratio16:9
Viewing AngleHorizontal 178° / Vertical 178°
Number of Colors1.07Billion, 10bit
Response Time1 ms
Color Gamut100% NTSC
Pixels Per Inch / Pixel PitchPPI 40 / 0.063
ConnectionsHDMI, DisplayPort, RS232, Video, Y/C, DVI-I (digital/analog)
ControlsKeypad, IR Remote Control
OrientationLandscape & Portrait
Touch TechnologyInGlass™ - Total Internal Reflection
Touch Points max. Detects 40 touch points simultaneously
Touch Response Time<15 ms
Finger Touch Accuracy<2 mm
Touch Reporting Rate100 Hz
Touch Resolution19354 x 10886
Touch Pressure Detection1024 levels of pressure detected
Touch MethodNaked fingers, gloved fingers, soft tip styluses and soft objectes with min. size of 4mm
Supported OSWindows 10 / Windows 8 / Linux / Android / Mac OS X (Third-Party Driver)
Power ConsumptionMIR55L: 140W (180W max.) (non-Touch)
MIR55FFL: 165W (205W max.) (Touch)
Operation Time12h / day, 7d / week (Attention: Content Guide)
Operating ConditonsStorage -20°C to 65°C / Working 0°C to 40°C
DimensionsMIR55L: 1223 x 1034.5 mm (non-Touch)
MIR55FFL: 1380 x 953.2 mm (Touch)
Border WidthMIR55L: 8/8/8/90 mm (non-Touch)
MIR55FFL: 85/85/85/85 mm (Touch)
WeightMIR55L: 40 Kg (non-Touch)
MIR55FFL: 36 Kg (Touch)
Housing1.5mm Aluminium
Safety Glass3.2mm Safety Glass (front) + 4mm Safety Glass (back)
Delivered ContentsPower Cord, USB Cable (Touch), IR Remote Control

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