To provide their customers an excellent shopping experience, the company MARS used for their brand appearance Pedigree® an unique presentation tool.

With the project “Future Store”, the concern wants to show, how products can be presented more effectively for the customers. In this process, grocery stores should not only exhibit products in regular shelves, but rather use exquisite display-solutions like the HYPEBOX®.

Product Facts
  • HYPEBOX® Touch Transparent Display 21.5″
  • MultiTouch Functionality
  • Elegant white Aluminium Housing
  • Integrated Mediaplayer

Visitors of the EDEKA Center are not only able to see Pedigree® goods inside the box, but furthermore retrieve information about several products on the transparent screen.

  • CLIENT Edeka / Pedigree®
  • WE DID HYPEBOX® Transparent Display Showcase
  • PARTNERS eyefactive GmbH, BE:TWO GmbH
  • LOCATIONBerlin, Germany