How to mount a MultiTouch Overlay

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Touch Functionality with up to 32 touch points - MultiTouch Interaction

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The following Detention steps are Services needed to connect cheap NFL jerseys the multitouch frame with Touch wholesale mlb jerseys the existing display permanently:

1: Monitor surface should be cleaned and positioned horizontally

Montage eines MultiTouch Aufsatz

2: Unpack the MultiTouch Frame and prepare it for gluing

Montage eines MultiTouch Aufsatz

3: Stick adhesive pads evenly on the monitor; align the touch frame; remove red protective film from the double-sided adhesive pads

Montage eines MultiTouch Aufsatz

4: Put on the MultiToch Overlay carefully and accurately on the monitor. Apply pressure to provide the adhesive pads with adhesion.

Montage eines MultiTouch Aufsatz

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