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Sometimes it can happen, that you want to disable the Windows 8 / 8.1 Charm bar in a public installation. To do so, please go to the touch drivers installation directory and open mtsvrset.xml, which
is basically the configuration file for the multitouch unit.

Please find this section:

And change into:
Please re-start now the MultitouchPlatform.exe Software.


In general, you just have to care about using an USB Extender which is active, which means it got an own power supply.
USB Extenders we have tested in combination with our MultiTouch Hardware:

UNITEK USB 3.0 Active Repeater Cable USB3.0 Y-3015 (up to 5 meters)
UNITEK Active Extension Cable Y-262 (up to 20 meters)
Icron USB 2.0 Ranger 2304 with Cat 5e cables (up to 100 meters)


The HS Code for PQ-Labs Touch Frames G2, G3, G4, G4L, G4S, G4A and G4P is 84733070, Country of Origin is China.

The HS Code for PQ-Labs iStick Series A100, A101, A200 and A300 is 84713000, Country of Origin is China.

The HS Code for our Metal Constructions / Parts / Table Base / Stands etc. is 73269092, Country of Origin is Germany.

The HS Code for Personal Computers or integrated PC Systems is 84713010, Country of Origin is Taiwan.

The HS Code for PQ-Labs Mighty Glass or any other Safety Glass is 70060090, Country of Origin depends on the place of manufacture.

The HS Code for wooden packaging / woodes boxes is 48191000. If you order from us, the Country of Origin is Germany, as they're done locally.

The HS Code for Media Boards or Media Player Boards is 85299092, Country of Origin is South Korea.

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